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My Microsoft Word documents talk to me.  I opened my short story and it said something to the effect of

"You stupid whore.  I'm supposed to be a novel."

What the fuck??  Microsoft Word documents are not supposed to talk. 

Okay, more important:
JoAnn keeps e-mailing me about the Odfellow dinner on Saturday night and I keep writing back to say that I won't be there, since I'll back in Boston by then.  I can't tell if my e-mails are ending up in her spam box and that's why she isn't getting them, or is everyone else getting multiple generic (" Our fearless leader has asked that I coordinate an Odfellows dinner," etc.) with their name?

And while I'm being disorganized, does anyone know which hotel we're actually staying at??  I can't find the thread with this rather vital information. 

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Gwen is sprawled out over our futon in the living room with a textbook over her face. 

Me:  "That doesn't look like studying"
Gwen:  "I'm absorbing it"


My cousin Sam is a Theta Chi, so I went with my Little, Kerry, and the other AXO '10s to see him tonight.  Such good news.

My Little is gonna get a Little!!!!!!!!!  The excitement.... I'M SO EXCITED.   We're contemplating gifts for mystery week.  We have really pretty freshwater pearls set aside that we just need to string--probably for the last day, to go with the lavalier--and I'm thinking about quilting my old Alpha Chi t-shirts.  I'm not sure when I'd find the time to do that, but I might bring the fabric up to NH this weekend.  The possibilities are endless.

Why I couldn't focus on a lecture on lumped capacitance today:

I couldn't stop thinking in ten word sentences--thanks Todd.

God it's like one of Jeanne's games.  Between Todd and Becky posting a giant Darth Vadar... all we need now are peanut M&Ms and cheeseburgers and Krista's/Erica's beer collection (alcoholics... cough cough.)

66, home sweet home

Tim and I finished this friday's ICE report 10 minutes ago.  Dear god... 4 am and I just got back to the apt.  And there were still people in the basement of building 66 (chemE computer lab) when we left.  But it's okay because this report is so fucking sexy.  27 pages of flawless Jacobian and numerical answers that make Real World sense.  It's a miracle.  We were running around and shrieking when the last error message went away.   And now I really need sleep.  I don't think I can articulate quite how much I need sleep.  

Odd Memories

My dad taught me to write batch files in 4th grade.  I think that was the first "programming" I ever did, even before BASIC. 

I had a bitch of a teacher in 4th grade.  You would think I'd have forgotten by now, but I think it's one of those memories that is stuck with me pretty permanently.  She used to make this kid Theodore ("Teddy") cry every day, and we all hated her.  

Anyway.  We got those new computers in 4th grade, the ones with DOS and a basic 8 (16?) color graphical user interface (Windows?).  And when you turned on the computer a batch file called up a menu, from which you could choose a "word processor," a few games, a program that taught you to type, some other stuff.

I got really upset with this teacher at one point, and went into the batch file and switched the menu around so that the options didn't match up with the programs that ran.  She was pissed.  Really, really angry.  Some guy came in and switched them back, and she told him that she thought I had done it.  I was kind of a geek then--me and my best friend at that time, David.  Like we played with Regedt regularly sort of geeky, though I think that must have been a year later.  I don't think I will ever forget this.  The guy took one look at me, and I was a damn tiny 4th grader, and was like, I really don't think so, with sarcasm that even I didn't have trouble picking up on at that age. 

And this is why I'm at MIT.

(The 6:04 am addendum.  Ugh.  Still fucking psetting.  I don't understand why no matter how much I get done on the weekend, my Tuesday night/Wed morning ends up like this....  I haven't pulled full nights like this since freshman year.)

Lesbians/BloodStained Clovers and MATLAB

Okay I just wrote the first thousand words of a lesbian story for Haldeman's class.  And I put a blood stained clover in it, in a place no one would ever notice it.  Which means I laughed to myself and no one else noticed.   Damn I should have written it while at Odyssey, to go along with the mermaids and robot burying gays and calise/shana and orgies and (others?)  Except I don't think he'll let me use it as my final story because it isn't hard SF, and he *hates* speculative fiction that isn't hard SF. 

Oh god I love MATLAB.  MATLAB just balanced these zillion equations for me, which would have taken me hours to do by hand.  Oh I love you MATLAB.  I love you I love you I love you I love you. 

Long live the blood stained clovers.

Flower for Algenon

I reread "Flower for Algenon" last night and it made me cry.  I'm such a sap!!!  I completely forgot how good that story is. 

I think Ashley thinks I'm losing it.  I think she thought I was getting emotional about my workload or something instead of the story because she brought me tea with splenda (and she's like the anti-sweetener, always has a fit when I put sweetener in my tea or drink diet coke)--it really was that the story was just so freaking good.  Hahahha oops.  I should probably clear that up...