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I wasn't too keen on meeting the Cambridge exchange students last year, even after Teejana and Ashley got immediately and completely sucked into their lives.  They were only there for the year, so didn't seem like much of a point to me.  I'd met Dev at Teej's birthday party--and she's got this incredible social grace that made so much of an impression on me that I wrote a whole thing in my diary about it.  Ste I met on the roof of Phi Sig, at which time his accent was so thick I couldn't understand him, got kind of bored, and proceeded to forget that he existed.  But Dev and Ste were in every one of my classes, which is weird because I'm one of the few (two?) ChemEs to have switched into ChemE rather than started with it, so I'm taking the classes a little out of order.  (Lots of people will switch into the easier majors--Econ, Management, etc., but switching form Econ to ChemE as I did is doable but almost unheard of.)  And the two of them just turned my world upside down.  We were up psetting till probably 3-4a.m. every day ,and then had class again at 10, ate every meal together.  And then when we weren't working, the three of us were always together.  The North End, trips to Rhode Island and New Jersey, skiing, parties... Our social circles, CME +MIT just melted together--and so when the three of us weren't alone together, we were together anyway.  They went with us on spring break instead of with the other CMEs, and their names cover my diary and poetry.  They became so much a part of my life in that year that MIT feels weirdly quiet without them. 
Anyway, Mirat took Anna and I as her dates to the Student House formal last night after Shabbat dinner with Alona, and Student house is where Dev and Ste had stayed.  I spent so much time there last year, spent so many nights sleeping on Dev's floor, ate so many meals in that kitchen.  I had a complete blast; I love formals and dressing up and seeing Mirat/Anna and that Student House culture.  When I got back to the apartment, the combination of being in Student House and my roommate Ashley being in England with her boyfriend--one of the CMEs in their circle--made me miss them so much.  I talked to Ste on the phone this morning for a few hours, using this aggravating mixture of Skype and a phone card.  I know Ste's going to fly to Boston to see our graduation and Dev is trying to make arrangements to come on Spring Break with us but I'm thinking that for Hanukkah I'm going to ask my parents for some money to put towards a plane ticket to England sometime sooner than that.  To get the three of us on the same continent at the same time.  Travel is so unbelievably expensive.  I actually could scrape together the rest of the money if I do a little more animation teaching than I anticipated--which the woman who runs to program would like me to do anyway--as they pay well and I like the work.  
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