ariadne_3 (ariadne_3) wrote,

Diwali, other adventures

Meghana's entire family was in Boston today, and Meghana's mother made this Indian food for their family, family friends, Meghana's friends, Meghan's sister's friends.... all in our apartment.   We hung lights around the living room and everything; it was adorable.  I learned to cook poori.  A bit like having Thanksgiving with someone else's family.  Wonderful, although it made me homesick.  I've decided that I love eating with my hands.

There's a new club called Church that we went to tonight in a large group of people I love spending time with.  Church on Sunday-(ha), Mirat's idea.  And just a really busy weekend.  I'm sort of not sure how we managed to fit so much activity into such a short time frame.  The Best Friend from home was in town on Friday with her roommates and so I took Meghana to meet her.  Got dressed up in classy black dresses and went out with Maryann.  Saw Anna and Julia.  Did a roommate + Mirat brunch at Zaftigs, a Jewish brunch place that did this omelet with goat cheese and also chocolate French toast and I want to go back very badly.   Was truly intoxicated at the club we were at last night for the first time since... I think since that night at Odyssey. 
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