ariadne_3 (ariadne_3) wrote,

I've made friends with them.  The MethA cells, that is.  They're really nice.  They call me The Great Provider of MethA Media, and they watch me work under the fume hood from their little glass encasement. 

I've started to name them.  Todd and Abigail and Donald and Sanrita and Jacob and Emily and Madison and Michael and Emma and Joshua and Andrew and Christa and Daniel and Ashley and Olivia and William and Grace and Tyler and Brandon and Anna and Natalie and Chloe and Victoria and Christian and Dylan and Jonathan and Zachary and Brandon and Juan and Ryan and Tyler and Alexander and John and Jessica and James and Hannah and Brianna and Travis and Javier and Daisy and Sabrina and Gracie and Cheyenne and Miranda and Dalton and Alixis and Brady and George and Jillian and Nicholas and Natalia and Giana and Ricardo and Caitlyn and Brittany and Karen and Naomi and Crystal and Fernando and Shawn and Omar and Preston and Grant and Alan and Brady and Dalton and Alexis and Brady and Grant and Shane and Skylar and Cassidy and Jillian and Ana and Sophie and Alexia and Summer and Tiffany and Ashyln and Crystal and Cristian and Josiah and Gage and Peter and Derek and Edgar and Mario and Peyton and Colby and Jonah and Rylee and Erika and Jordyn and Chemsea and Veronica and Charlotte and Ruby and Abby and Karina and Reagan and Jamie and Jayla and Erick and Eli and Jasmine and Carly and Marco and MItchell and Donavan.  I got to the 5.3238881*10^8th cell, and then I just named the rest Bobby. 
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