ariadne_3 (ariadne_3) wrote,

My car

Yesterday I found that the front windshield of my car had been smashed with one of those glass beer bottles.  The window did that shatter-but-still-intact thing, and whoever did it left a huge handful of pennies and nickels on the car, on top of the broken beer glass (??)  Liberty Mutual will cover the damage, but I'm wondering if I need to find a safer place to keep the car.  I suppose that having driven the car in the city for two and a half years, I should be glad that's the worst it's been through.  A bit weird that of all the cars in that lot, mine was the only one touched.  It's amongst the most innocuous looking cars, my silver Camry amongst a whole bunch of BMWs and few Lexuses and some other really very pricey and much (much) newer models.  And a lot of much shittier ones, too, but still...  Just random chance I guess.

: ( 
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